The most economical way to expand your Turbo NAS storage

When expanding data storage capacity, deploying multiple servers can lead to complexity in management and dramatically increased cost. The QNAP UX-800P expansion enclosure is a budget-friendly expansion alternative designed with easy setup in mind for expanding the total storage space of your Turbo NAS for general applications. By connecting one expansion enclosure, the UX-800P offers a hassle-free storage expansion for home/small office use. The UX-800P provides additional 8 hard drives for the Turbo NAS and allows for a total expansion raw capacity of 64 TB* making it especially useful for data backup, digital media collection, and video surveillance.


Easily add additional drive capacity to a Turbo NAS

Simply connect the UX-800P to a Turbo NAS* and power it on. The Turbo NAS will automatically detect the hard drives in the UX-800P as newly installed local drives. The Turbo NAS capacity can then be expanded as a large volume seamlessly and economically by using the powerful QTS Storage Manager.

*QTS 4.1.0 or newer is required for the Turbo NAS.

*Supported Turbo NAS models and maximum number of applicable expansion enclosures.

Supported Turbo NAS modelsTS-251A
TS-253 Pro
TS-453 Pro
TS-653 Pro
TS-853 Pro
TS-453S ProTS-853S Pro
Maximum number of connected UX series expansion unit111111
Maximum number of hard drives101214161216
Maximum raw capacity80 TB96 TB112 TB128 TB68 TB72 TB
Maximum RAID group size144 TB#
Maximum number of RAID groups128
Maximum Volume size144 TB#
Maximum iSCSI LUN size144 TB#

Supported Turbo NAS modelsTS-531X
Maximum number of connected UX series expansion unit2222
Maximum number of hard drives21202224
Maximum raw capacity168 TB160 TB176 TB192 TB
Maximum RAID group size168 TB160 TB176 TB192 TB
Maximum number of RAID groups128
Maximum Volume sizeRAM < 4GB: 144 TB
RAM >= 4GB: 250 TB
Maximum iSCSI LUN sizeRAM < 4GB: 144 TB
RAM >= 4GB: 250 TB

# Requires NAS to have minimum 2GB RAM available.

Note: A separate volume should be created on the UX-800P after it is connected to the TS-x51, TS-x53 Pro, TS-x53S Pro series.

*The maximum capacity is calculated by using 8TB HDDs.

Missing mode protection

If your UX-800P is accidentally disconnected, the Turbo NAS enters missing mode and blocks I/O access to protect the stored data. The system can then recover from the missing mode to the normal state with data staying intact.

Powerful QTS Storage Manager

The QTS Storage Manager neatly presents tools and options for managing system storage with a modern & intuitive graphical user interface, which greatly simplifies the process of NAS capacity expansion and UX-800P management. No matter if you are an IT administrator or Home user, you can easily monitor the health status of UX-800P and the disks within it. When multiple expansion enclosures are connected, the Locate Disk and Locate Enclosure functions assist you in quick maintenance*.

* Not applicable to TS-x51 & TS-x53 Pro & TS-x53S Pro series

Flexible RAID Configuration

The UX-800P features 8 hot-swap drive bays for easy installation and removal. The automatic insertion/removable detection and rebuild allow easy management. Featuring RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 and 10 support and managed by the powerful QTS Storage Manager, the UX-800P ensures maximum performance and data security.

An excellent backup solution for Turbo NAS

The UX-800P can be used as a budget-friendly external storage to perform speedy and secure backup tasks for the Turbo NAS. The administrator can back up the Turbo NAS data to the UX-800P on a real time or scheduled basis.

Smart power design

The UX-800P automatically powers on and off with your Turbo NAS, allowing for total convenience and energy saving.

Note: This function does not support TVS-x63 series and TS-563.

Excellent hardware design

The UX-800P includes a full 350W internal PSU to provide ample power even under sustained full load. The well-ventilated chassis and smart fan helps to provide efficient cooling for better stability and reliability, with the fan enabling efficient heat removal even when all 8 drives are under full operation simultaneously.

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QNAP UX-800P 8-Bay Storage Expansion Enclosure

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